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Nita Mehta

Nita Mehta is a very sorted, knowledgeable & balanced person who believes that each person on earth has his/her own divine connection & purpose of life. This divine connection is a hotline to ones thoughts, positive or negative. Most of us unknowingly begin to move towards negative thinking when life tests us & hence start attracting harder situations in our lives. She totally believes that our thought can heal us on all levels.
Her journey into the mystic world began with Reiki in 1997, her life took a complete turn which was completely unexpected. Before this she was successfully working in the field of fashion & ran her own readymade garments factory. After Reiki came bhakti, astrology, crystals, tarot cards & more.
She shares her expertise through Tarot Card Reading, Crystal grids, Chakra healing through crystals, she also holds wellness workshops on various topics. Any person who comes to her for consultation definitely returns as a much happier & lighter person.
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