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All night Gong Bath


It’s a journey that’s timeless, and as we travel with the vibration of the gong, we cleanse, unblock and experience the real self. Don Conreaux says this is the most healing experience you can give yourself. An all-night gong bath allows the brain to sink into a delta wave frequency, where deep healing can take place. This process promotes a sense of peace and well-being, strengthens the nervous system, and balances the chakras and increases energy and vitality. 8 Planetary Gongs will be used and 5 players will alternatively play the gongs during the night without any pause for 450 minutes.

Let's share


Open the floodgates of Joy with our next Let’s Share Sangha , which is a platform where we all gather together from all parts of the world through zoom, on Every New Moon , To Meet, Greet, Share In A Non-Judgmental Safe Space Followed By Lunar Chanting

Dhyan Setu


The Self is pure consciousness. Your true self is the purest of pure. It is the witness. Even if you are not aware of the Self, it will not lose its identity. But when identification of the Self happens with the body and mind then the self is in a state of delusion, meditation helps us to Reclaim the Effortless Being.

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